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Why should I invest in phone books when the Internet is free?
There are web sites that provide free information on businesses in Mexico. If your company can afford the time to search the Internet and cobble together a list of businesses in Mexico, then the Internet may be an option.

Discerning clients come to Mexico Phone Books because their needs require as much information as possible and they have budgeted in the cost. Many of our clients tell us they have spent hours on the Internet without finding the information they want. Click here for more info.

Do you sell "real" Mexico Telephone Directories?

Yes. All Mexico Yellow Pages and White Pages are published in Mexico. The Mexico Phone Books you are purchasing are the same ones used by businesses and in homes throughout Mexico.

Can I get the most current Mexico phone books available?

You will receive the most current Mexico phone book available. These phone books are not warehoused. Only when your order is received are the phone books brought up from Mexico. This ensures you will receive the most current directories available.

Customers have told sad stories of buying phone books from other countries (not from us) only to receive directories that were several years old. Recently a customer told how they had ordered a yellow pages from the Caribbean. When the phone book arrived, the customer found that the yellow pages were from 1999!

Whether you order yellow pages from Puerto Vallarta or white pages from Mexico City, you can be assured you will receive the exact same, current telephone directories that people in those cities are using in their homes and businesses. Libraries count on our company to get it right.

Can I get a Mexico phone book delivered overnight?

Customers are advised their directories will usually ship within three weeks. All telephone directories come from Mexico so you are assured of receiving the latest, most current phone book. As soon as your order is placed, the process to bring your phone books up from Mexico begins. Transportation and handling usually takes three weeks although if a new edition is coming out, there are may a delay.

If your order ships sooner, then you can be pleasant surprised. Of course, your order is shipped as soon as it arrives. You will also receive an email notifying you the order has been sent.

If you have an urgent need, overnight delivery service is available once your telephone directories are ready to ship.

Is there a Mexico Yellow Pages for each city?

There are only 137 Mexico Telephone Directories published for the over 100 million people living in Mexico. In contrast, for the state of Texas, USA with only a population of 20.8 million, there are over three hundred different telephone directories.

Is a Mexico Yellow Pages with 2004/2005 the most current?

No. If you see a phone book with 2004/2005 on the cover, that particular Mexico telephone directory was published in late 2004. The most current Mexico Yellow Pages and White Pages will have 2005/2006.

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When should I replace my Mexico Telephone Directory?

Just as in the USA, Mexico Yellow Pages and White Pages are published every year. So to ensure you are getting the best and most accurate listings, you should use the newest editions. If you have a phone book dated more than two years ago, the information is usually less than 50% accurate. For libraries that have a Mexico Phone Book collection, any phone book older than three years should be removed.

I have a phone number for Mexico that used to work. What happened?

We often receive inquiries from people wanting to know why they can no longer call a number in Mexico. Often the person is simply using an old area code. As of November 17, 2001, Mexico's Federal Telecommunications Commission (Cofetel) implemented new AREA CODE DESIGNATIONS for all cities in Mexico.

All international calls into Mexico must utilize the new area codes. Mexico's three largest cities now have 2 digits:

  • Mexico City 55
  • Guadalajara 33
  • Monterrey 81

All other cities have a new three digit area code. You will find a complete listing of the three digit area codes in the 2001 and newer Mexico Telephone Directories in the section Larga Distancia Automatica Nacional (LADA) in the front of the directory.

The purpose of these changes is to harmonize the number of digits utilized in telephone numbers throughout Mexico. As of November 17 2001 all telephone numbers will be 10 digits: a 3 digit area code, and a 7 digit local telephone number.

Do you offer a service to find a business associate living in Mexico?

Unfortunately, our company does not presently offer an information service to locate a person living in Mexico. Mexico Phone Books sells printed Mexico phone books because they are the primary resource to find someone in Mexico. Many customers contact us because they were not able to find a former business contact or associate using the internet.

Our recommendation is to contact the following company:

Find Relatives In Mexico. This company specializes in locating people throughout Mexico. We recommend this company to anyone who wants to do a people search for a business owner or associate in Mexico. They have done research for U.S. state and federal agencies including the Departmet of Defense, the Ninth Circuit Court and many law firms.

Can I get a business address with just a telephone number?

We are not aware of any system that allows a reverse look up. Common in the USA, a reverse lookup allows you to enter a phone number and to receive the address of the person or business listed for the phone number. Mexico does not have such a system. We sell printed Mexico phone books because they are the primary resource to find a business in Mexico.

How can I do a reverse lookup for a business in Mexico?

Mexico does not have such a system. We sell printed Mexico phone books because they are the primary resource to locate businesses in Mexico.

How much is shipping and handling?

There are no handling costs and shipping is free of charge within the continental USA.We ship using U.S. ground service so your phone books should arrive within seven business days.

Can I get help to find the right phone book for me?

Absolutely! We advise people on which phone book lists the city they are looking for. Kindly e-mail us and you will receive a response usually within 24 hours.

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